J.W Anderson AW14 // LCM

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Now I don't usually post about men's fashion but this season at LCM there's been so many incredible designers that have really caught my eye, and standing out in particular was J.W Anderson. Continuing to blur the gender lines, there were floral two-pieces, skin-tight blouses and leather ruffled tops. Architectural elements were evident throughout the collection, with cropped trousers, wrapped tunics and square ribbed knits. He said post-show that clothing 'about gender is a very dated concept', I would definitely wear pieces from the AW14 men's collection so personally I'm enjoying the way J.W Anderson is pushing fashion in an androgynous direction. What do you think?
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  1. I love the androgyny that's implied by these designs. It kind of vanished a little in pop culture after the 70s so I'm pleased that it's making a comeback. <3


  2. These are some really unique pieces, thanks for sharing!


  3. Great pictures, love the looks!

    .Georgina Clare.


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